Transportation Principles

Billions of dollars have been spent on transportation in the Austin area during the last decade alone – mostly on highways and tollways – yet congestion has increased and our quality of life has diminished. Our transportation decisions have failed to serve broader community values and truly meet people’s needs.

Liveable City supports creating affordable, accessible transportation choices that serve all the people of Austin. Transportation should help build community by promoting economic and cultural vitality, environmental protection and sustainability.

We have developed the following set of transportation principles to promote a new approach for our region. This toolbox of indicators will be used to evaluate future transportation proposals and decisions incorporating a wider range of benefits and costs.

Transportation decisions should:

Put people first.

  • Be accessible to people at every stage of their life.
  • Ensure health and safety by promoting walkable, bikeable neighborhoods and safe routes to schools.
  • Preserve and improve established neighborhoods.
  • Build community by creating quality public places.
  • Be funded and created in the public’s interest, with clear and measurable community benefits.
  • Require a transparent process with meaningful public involvement.
  • Increase accessibility of housing, healthcare and other basic needs, particularly for transit-dependent populations.

Support a sustainable future.

  • Promote efficient land use that supports transportation choices and reduces auto dependence.
  • Increase our energy independence.
  • Protect and conserve our natural resources. 

Support a comprehensive transportation framework.

  • Support an overall vision for a transportation system that includes future transit and a full range of mobility extensions.
  • Prioritize the mobility of current residents.
  • Reduce per capita vehicle miles traveled.
  • Ensure land use and transportation planning are fully integrated.
  • Improve the reliability of the transportation network. 

Safeguard the economic interests of Central Texans.

  • Support businesses by providing multiple connections to customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Provide specific construction-mitigation plans to minimize impacts to residents and businesses.
  • Provide opportunities to reduce personal transportation expenses.
  • Hold public officials and contractors accountable for the use of public funds. 

Use our financial resources wisely.

  • Change regional transportation funding to promote a balanced mix of transit, pedestrian, bicycle and auto infrastructure.
  • Prioritize smaller, short-term projects that improve mobility.
  • Promote the use of technology to make our dollars work smarter.
  • Use a variety of funding mechanisms to spread costs equitably.

Approved by Liveable City Board