Newsletter, September 15, 2003

  • Shape the Future with the Regional Visioning Survey 
  • The Importance of the Survey 
  • Facts About the Survey 
  • The Scenarios - Four Possible Futures for Central Texas 
  • Scenario A - Sprawl City: The Current Growth Trend 
  • The Impact of Sprawl City 
  • Scenario B - Roadside City: Growth Around Major Highways 
  • Scenario C - New Towns: Growth in New Towns & Existing Cities 
  • Scenario D - Dense City: Growth in Existing Cities & Towns 
  • Important Additional Questions About the Future Scenarios 
  • Liveable City Surveys Show Austinites Priorities for their City’s Future 
  • Liveable City’s Short Guide to the Regional Visioning Survey 
  • What Happens After the Survey Ends 
  • Daily Life in the Four Possible Futures 
  • A Few Key Questions to Consider About the Visioning Survey
  • Important ECT dates. 
  • Want More Information?

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