Liveable City Board Resolution in Support of Liveable Wages and Benefits for Amalgamated Transit Workers Local 1091


WHEREAS, Capital Metro/Star Tran is embarking on vital new transit projects, including urban commuter rail and expanded busservices, that will contribute to a more efficient transportation systemand ultimately provide a more livable city for all residents; and,

WHEREAS, Capital Metro/Star Tran employees provide critical andessential services to the Austin and Central Texas community; and,

WHEREAS, Capital Metro/Star Tran employs over 850 bus operators,mechanics, and service workers, 70% of whom are African-Americanor Hispanic; and,

WHEREAS, Capital Metro, and Austin Transit before it, hashistorically played a strong role in providing entry to the middle classfor hundreds of men and women in Austin's African-American and Hispanic communities; and,

WHEREAS, There has been a failure to date to reach a collective bargaining agreement between Capital Metro/Star Tran and theAmalgamated Transit Union (ATU) 1091, which represents busoperators, mechanics, and service workers; and,

WHEREAS, This protracted dispute has created a volatile situationwhich could result in the disruption of transportation services forthousands of Austin residents; and,

WHEREAS, Prolonged failure to reach a successful agreement hasbegun an erosion of community support for Capital Metro and agrowing perception that Capital Metro/Star Tran is not being well managed; and,

WHEREAS, The future success of public transportation efforts in our community hinges on continued broad public support for CapitalMetro/Star Tran; and,

WHEREAS, Our community's economic health likewise relies onpublic entities like Capital Metro/Star Tran to take a strong lead inensuring the continued availability of jobs that provide livable wages and benefits for Austin workers;

NOW, THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board of Liveable City calls on the Capital Metro/Star Tran Board to act promptly to negotiate a contractwith ATU 1091 that invests in the future of our community and ourpublic transit system by ensuring continued good wages and benefits for all of its valued employees; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Board of Liveable City calls upon the Capital Metro Board to direct the Capital Metro/Star Tranmanagement to return to the bargaining table to finish negotiation of acontract without first demanding wage reductions from the employees; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of Liveable City calls on the Capital Metro/Star Tran Board to refrain from imposing termsof employment unilaterally and without agreement from the union.