Advocacy Goals

Liveable City believes:

  • An educated, informed and engaged citizenry is essential to improving our community’s quality of life and ensuring equity for all.
  • Community issues are best addressed as part of a complex whole, recognizing the connections between such topics as affordable housing, education, transportation, the environment and inclusive economic development.
  • Every Austin resident deserves access to an affordable home, a good education, a decent, living wage job, accessible transportation, quality health care and other basic elements of a livable community.

Liveable City is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to address Austin’s long-term social, environmental, and economic needs. Liveable City examines public policy, explores best practices and develops strategies in collaboration with other community building groups. 


“As Austin transforms into a real Big City, it will be even more critical than ever 
that Liveable City continue to provide a strong, 
independent voice 
on the crucial quality-of-life issues we face.”

– Dr. Elizabeth Mueller, Liveable City Board Member 

Our Goals:

  • Affordable housing - Strengthening the fabric and diversity of our neighborhoods by expanding access to quality housing for all members of the community.
  • Better transportation – Improving the ability of Austin residents to conveniently access work, goods and services and recreation through an improved system of roads, public transit, bikeways and walkways.
  • A clean environment – Protecting the quality of our water, air, parks and open spaces as Austin grows.
  • Fair public-investment policies – Ensuring that public investments and benefits are fairly allocated and enjoyed across all neighborhoods and communities.
  • Economic opportunity – Encouraging investment and entrepreneurship that provides living wage career jobs for Austin residents.
  • Thriving local businesses – Supporting locally owned businesses that sustain Austin’s unique character and that keep dollars spent here invested in our community.
  • Social equity – Fighting to ensure that all residents have access to high-quality education, healthcare, employment, safe and inclusive neighborhoods – and a voice in decisions that affect their lives.

Now more than ever, we must take an active role in shaping and preserving the city that our children and grandchildren will inherit – a sustainable city with equity and opportunity for every member of our community