About Liveable City

Liveable City was created in 2002 by a diverse group of public-policy experts and experienced community advocates. Its mission is to safeguard Austin’s long-term social, environmental and economic well-being by educating, informing and empowering Austin residents to improve our community’s quality of life for all.

Since its founding, Liveable City has considered individual city issues as part of a complex whole, and sought to make meaningful change with an effective blend of rigorous public-policy research, public discourse and broad community collaboration.

Liveable City has led major community efforts and worked with other groups and individuals to make progress on a variety important issues facing Austin. These include:

  • Bolstering city support for locally-owned businesses, while pushing for stronger public controls on big box retail development;
  • Leading efforts to reform city economic development policies, including reforms for corporate tax incentives and other public subsidies;
  • Serving as a strong voice for living wage and benefit provisions for employees of businesses working on city contracts or receiving city tax benefits;
  • Working with a coalition of advocates to pass $120 million in local affordable housing bonds to meet pressing housing needs for low income citizens;
  • Partnering with a range of groups and individuals to pass the Imagine Austin Comprehensive plan, the City’s first comprehensive plan in over 30 years.

Today, Liveable City remains committed to its vision of ensuring an equitable and sustainable future for all Austinites. To grow and thrive, our city must have the courage to address lingering racial and class divides to harness the talents and creativity of all residents. We believe equity, inclusion, and fairness are the foundation for a liveable, sustainable Austin in this century and the next.