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Join Liveable City!

Why Your Membership Matters

Do you care about keeping Austin liveable for everyone? Now more than ever, we must take an active role in shaping and preserving the city that our children and grandchildren will inherit – a sustainable city with equity and opportunity for every member of our community.

Liveable City works to address Austin’s long-term social, environmental, and economic needs while educating and empowering residents to improve the quality of life for all. Dedicated to civic engagement, Liveable City examines public policy, develops best practices and provides strategy support to community building groups.

Liveable City’s project priorities include affordable housing, education, open government, independent local businesses, transportation, renewable energy, health care, and city and regional planning. Throughout the year, we work to ensure equitable opportunities for everyone across our diverse and growing community.

You can play an active role in this effort by becoming a member of Liveable City at a level that is meaningful for you. Annual memberships range from $35 for Grassroots members to $1000 for Business Partners. Become a member of Liveable City at a level that is meaningful for you.

Liveable Leadership Circle

Founded in 2008, the Liveable Leadership Circle is a group of individuals, families and local businesses who share a passion for improving Austin’s quality of life for all. Leadership Circle members’ dedication to Liveable City’s mission is reflected by their financial commitment, which provides operational funds for the continued development of the organization, including research and community outreach. Leadership Circle members support Liveable City by contributing at one of two levels: the Visionaries Circle ($1,000 per year for three years) and the Advocates Circle ($500 per year for three years).

Members and friends who believe in Liveable City’s mission to improve quality of life for all of Austin are encouraged to consider joining the Liveable Leadership Circle. For more information, please contact John-Michael Cortez at 512.845.8719.


Liveable City occasionally needs volunteers to help with events, research, or special projects. If you’d like to become part of LC’s volunteer pool, please email us at and tell us your areas of interest.

Note: Renewal date is January 1. Credit cards, debits and automatic bank drafts are available as annual or quarterly debits.